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Long-acting insulinotropic peptide

   Long-acting insulinotropic peptide:The invention related to modified insulinotropic peptides, the invention related to new chemical reactivity insulinotropic peptide ...[Detailed]

purifying albumin conjugates method

    purifying albumin conjugates method:According to this invention, there is provided a method for containing the albumin conjugate from unconjugated albumin and a...[Detailed]

Long-acting insulin derivatives and methods

  Long-acting insulin derivatives and methods:The insulin derivatives include insulin molecule and attached active groups, active groups for covalently binding with the blood comp...[Detailed]

Albumin and the therapeutic agent preform preparation of conjugates

     Albumin and the therapeutic agent preform preparation of conjugates: A therapeutic compound in vitro with recombinant albumin conjugate, wherein the react...[Detailed]
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